Opening your ear

Each spoken language has its own rhythms and intonations. The integration of this music enables you to appropriate a language. The ear is conditioned by the frequencies of your maternal language and tends to switch off to other frequencies. Each language evolves according to its own frequencies and registers.

Opening your ear to understand better

The SLS speed Learning System method teaches you the music of a language as you perceive your own maternal tongue. The SLS speed Learning System method enables you to access registers of other languages and integrate more easily the music of the language being studied. This highly specialised method guarantees a fast and long-lasting learning.

What is a mother tongue ?

The mother tongue is the language spoken by a parent to their child, the music and rhythm of which is integrated in infancy. The learning process is based on the direct aural memorisation of words. Later in life children implement the indirect aural memory which allows them to assimilate the logic and grammar of a language.

Listening leads to speaking


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