Students opinions : learning a foreign language

Testimonial of Mr Pierre de Benoist
De Villaine domain in Bouzeron

« Having benefited from the lessons proposed by Everlingua for the past 3 years, I find their method wonderful. Their working method provides a good interaction between listening, speaking and certain points of grammar worth reviewing. A very good training course for all those who wish to deepen, begin learning or perfect their language skills. »

 Testimonial of Mrs Nicole Reydellet, Personal Assistant of AL-KO SAS in Branges 71500 LOUHANS (letter)

« Having myself practiced your method of learning languages, I would like to express satisfaction with its effectiveness. Indeed, this method though simple enables you to easily return to a language once practiced but a little forgotten. Being in charge of training in my company, I was so convinced by this method that I now systematically sign up the employees in my company who wish to progress in their language skills in your establishment, and, to this day all those interested are satisfied and even ask to return for further training. »


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